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Israel Map Art 

The new Israel Map pieces are now available in a gorgeous marble design and unique seashell terrazzo.

Seashell terrazzo pieces are crafted with natural seashells sourced from Israeli beaches, a real piece of Israel to decorate your home. 

Can be used as a decorative tray or mounted onto the wall as a piece of art!

Am Yisrael Chai

New Zero Waste Collection

This collection of pieces are created with leftover materials from previous orders. Reducing waste product whilst creating unique one of a kind pieces. 

Home Made By Dalia

Eco-friendly home decor, handmade in Tel Aviv.
Shop our products online or
book a workshop to learn how to make these yourself!


Body Love Unboxed

A DIY workshop and kit, to reconnect to your body and celebrate your self-love.


The therapeutic art experience includes supplies to paint your own body candle, have your own cacao ceremony, host your own self love workshop and so much more!

To find out more

If you're interested in an extra special bespoke group experience, contact us here for information and special pricing!

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Sea Collection

Private Art Workshops

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About Me

Hi I'm Dalia! I started this business when I moved to Israel during the COVID pandemic as a way to create beautiful home decor pieces whilst still being eco-conscious. Initially starting as a part time business based from my home has now evolved into a full time business, creating products daily from my Tel Aviv studio, with my products being sold through my website, in my studio and in various stores. 

For me, home decor pieces are so important to express yourself and make your space feel homely. Whilst there are millions of options for home decor, I felt there was a real lack of products created sustainably, from eco-friendly non toxic materials such as Jesmonite. 

I use Jesmonite to create my products, whilst using reusable appliances to create the finished product, therefore reducing waste production. Additionally, whenever available recycled materials are used for packaging purposes.

Contact Us

Allenby Street, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Visitors welcome by appointment.


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