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Welcome to Body Love Unboxed

Introducing a limited edition gift box designed in honour of International Women’s Day!


This unique DIY workshop+ kit offers a  theraputic art experience to reconnect with your body, elevate your self-love, and celebrate who you are.


The box includes:


  • An Scented Eco Body Candle
  • 6 Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Organic cacao blend (for your personal cacao ceremony!)
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Multi-page step-by-step guide walking you through the experience
  • Additional resources: Practice sheet + your very own mantra card
  • A curated self-love playlist
  • Exclusive access to a guided video, offering insights and inspiration (Your own private self love coaching session)
  • Exclusive offers at The Self Love Club and Made By Dalia 


Celebrate International Women's Day with The Self Love Club and Made By Dalia. Passionate about championing womens empowerment, they have combined forces to bring you an extraordinary gift of self-love. Drawing from Georgia’s transformational women's circles, retreats, + private  self love coaching sessions, along with Dalia’s exquisite body collection, this unique experience is truly unparalleled.


So  gift yourself the gift of self love, whilst embarking on a one of a kind journey.


And why not share this experience with your bestie? Opt to add an extra candle for a shared journey of self-discovery.


Or planning a body love evening with your girlfriends or colleagues? Reach out to us for special group pricing and host an unforgettable celebration of self-love and sisterhood!

Body Love Unboxed

180.00 ₪Price
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